Grow With Us

Grow With Us

Utilize design to discover new ways of solving challenges, better understanding users needs and create sustainable processes.

Learn to innovate and solve problems creatively with our human-centered design thinking framework.

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Finding the
Right Problem

Finding the
Right Solution

Problem Statement

Join an engaging workshop, be inspired by one of our thought leaders, or be mentored by a specialist. We can also customize workshops to solve specific business challenges.

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Certified Workshops

Scaling for Enterprise 

Tailored Training

Empathy Programs





Benefits of integrating human centered design into your organization:


  • Learn tools to solve complex business challenges

  • Increase collaboration and align teams

  • Use iterative prototyping to help mitigate risk

  • Shift perspective from thinking to feeling to empathize with users

Who should practice Human-Centered

Design Thinking HCDT?


We arrange a variety of workshops to suit many different business needs.


Workshops are designed to unleash your creativity, improve your skills or learn something new for personal growth or to contribute in a new way to your organization’s success. A 4-5 day sprint can work on challenge, prototype and test a solution.


Webinars are cost effective and easy to program into your schedule.  Join our Power of Collective ThoughtTM contributors in an engaging conversation on subjects that directly impact businesses today and in the future.

Coaching & Customization.


Have questions, need guidance on getting starting or implementing a customized program? 

Our experienced coaches can guide you through this process.

Meet some of our Facilitators.








The Design Academy / Intersection-Inc





Design Mentor

The Design Academy / Intersection-Inc.





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Associate Director at

DesignLab UCSD






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The Design Academy / Intersection-Inc





Design Mentor / UX Creative Director

The Design Academy / Intersection-Inc.



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