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Victor Nacif

Victor Nacif

Design Mentor Intersection-Inc

Victor Nacif is a Design Mentor at Intersection-Inc


Born to Lebanese parents in Mexico, Victor Nacif moved to Detroit at the age of 9. His passion for cars started at an early age but after he was told he couldn’t be a racing driver (age 7) he decided to combine his love of design and automobiles. Victor then attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit while doing summer internships at Ford Motor Company.

He graduated in 1979 and went to work at Zimmer Corp, a small privately owned company in Florida, where he and other young designers created and built a car that was sold for several years. Victor then went back to work for Ford as a designer based in the United States before moving to Paris in the mid-1980s to work for PSA Peugeot Citroen where he was Chief Designer and then Design Director.

Victor returned to the US in June 2015  and is now heading up the creative role at The Brojure team looks at the visual quality and presentation for international clients using the software as a storytelling and communication tool. He joined Intersection-Inc as a Design Mentor in 2016, lending his expertise to both the educational side and consultancy side of the business. Design permeates every area of Victor’s life and his interest in Design feeds into both his work and his outside interests. He finds inspiration at design events and exhibitions in all fields - which he seeks out all over the world.

Victor says personalization is the future for automotive industry whereby consumers will be a part of the creative process, directly inputting into the car that they want. “We can help people dream again about the automobile and transportation and the role of automobile in society. We can’t wait now for more unique products, electric vehicles, autonomous cars and performance vehicles.”

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