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GE Healthcare Adventure Series Case Stud

GE Healthcare Adventure Series Case Stud

Empathy Workshops. 

Empathy: The New Business Intelligence

Building trust among stakeholders is imperative. Both internal and external stakeholders are counting on your organization to understand their needs and respond in their best interest.  In this age of connectedness, when responses are incongruent with customer expectations, chances are your organization will hear about it (and hurt about it) sooner, rather than later.


Business leaders are facing a new set of risks and expectations that demand a drastic shift in strategic mindset.  At the core of this shift is empathy and communication; not the conventional focus of a CEO. But, as many articles and research suggest, an organization’s future revenues are increasingly dependent on this contrastive and disruptive thinking around problem solving, support mechanisms and complex user interactions.


Empathy Training: Stand in the shoes of others

Organizations are beginning to understand the POWER OF EMPATHY as part of business intelligence. The Design Academy’s proprietary tailored, Empathy workshop or Program share the keys to tapping into human emotions, extracting critical insights, and understanding motivations. During our training, we demonstrate the impact of empathy on business and help you translate empathy into a redefined value proposition.

We worked with the marketing insights team of a top corporation to develop a year long empathy program that was tailored to their specific industry. Over 160 marketers participated in real world empathy training.


Learn about the power and value of empathy by hosting private Empathy workshop or a comprehensive program for your organization. Contact us today for more information.


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