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Certification Program

Innovating Through Human-Centered Design / Thinking Essential Pathway

If you are charged with driving innovation within an organization or you want to learn creative problem solving methods, The Design Academy’s flexible, proprietary program complements our tailored training and is appropriate for learners at any stage.

Essential Pathways Certification

Heard about Design Thinking and interested in learning more? This interactive, two-day workshop will take you through foundational tools that are directly applicable to real-world challenges. In this workshop, you will be joined by other forward-thinking business professionals in a small group setting, allowing for maximum hands-on learning and connection.

TDA 2022 Ambassador Badges-01.png

This hybrid workshop offers one full day of guidance on a project plan of your choice, supplemented with a set of mentorship hours for continued support through various stages of application. The workshop provides the perfect kickoff to select the appropriate tools, develop an action plan and compare notes with other participants.

TDA Practioner Badges 2022-01.png

Increase your fluency to an advanced level in Design Thinking tools, business application and design leadership through specialized modules. A series of in-person workshops, webinars, and coaching sessions are offered synchronously, online or in-person. You may choose to allocate your own time and finish each module at your own pace.

TDA Expert Badges 2022-01.png

In this significant step, you are guided by a professional through a project of your choice to demonstrate competency in selecting appropriate tools, conducting research, synthesizing data, developing a prototype, and testing fidelity on users. This includes the chance to develop a business case and practice facilitation skills in live workshops

TDA Master Badge 2022-01.png

Validate your learning through Human-Centered Design Thinking Essentials, a 4-badge pathway training, certified by The Design Academy. The step-by-step pathway nurtures participants through Design Thinking exploration and fundamentals to application mastery and project leadership.

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