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Scaling for Enterprise

Scaling for Enterprise

DMI Design Value Index 2015

DMI Design Value Index 2015

The Design Academy Essential Pathways with T

The Design Academy Essential Pathways with T

Building the foundation for Human-Centered Design Innovation

Design Thinking also requires Design Doing. Studies have shown that companies adopting design appropriately and intentionally are more successful.


Our Human-Centered Design Innovation program transforms conventional business models into design-driven innovative organizations. INTERSECTION’s implementation plan guides stakeholders through an end-to-end integration of Human-Centered Design with an operational and measurement framework to manage innovation




  • Mitigates risk, while increasing impact

  • Moves from opportunistic approach to solving & prioritizing the right problem

  • Increases the adoption curve. Creates happy users and customers

  • Improves innovation outcomes

  • Increases brand and service value

  • Creates competitive differentiation

  • Has potential to reduce or avoid unnecessary costs

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