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Kel Davison

Kel Davison

Growth Strategist - Intersection

“A strong business strategy starts and ends with people. It is through true empathy and respect for others that the best solutions are created.”


Kel Davison is the Growth Strategist for Intersection, Inc., a design and innovation consultancy in San Diego, California. She acts as a business advisor to client organizations working directly with CEOs and C-suite talent as they discover, test and implement Human-Centered Design (HCD) solutions.


Before working with Intersection, Davison served as the System Strategist for the National University System (NUS) where she developed and managed the first Office of Strategy and Innovation and drove the first Innovation Grant Program for the multi-institutional system.


While at NUS, Davison shepherded a system-wide Human-Centered Design project. The experience inspired a mindset shift that led her to become an advocate for the methodology with the Intersection design team, adding her business fluency to facilitate a richer translation of HCD for clients. Her business operations, enterprise strategy, and innovation practice background strengthen Intersection’s approach to complex challenges facing today’s organizations.


Davison teaches at The Design Academy, Intersection’s educational collaboratory, which hosts several workshops from “Ambassador” to “Master” levels throughout the year. Davison holds a Masters of Global Management from National University and is a certified Master of Human-Centered Design. She continues her mission to guide organizations to a more purposeful strategy that focuses on improving an organizational bottom line, instilling an innovative culture and mitigating enterprise risk through HCD. 


Davison’s insatiable quest for learning and exploration has inspired her work across multiple industries, both non-profit and for-profit, domestic and abroad. Davison lived and worked in Athens, Greece for seven years, but returned to her hometown of San Diego in 2012.

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