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Keep A Humble Heart

and An Open Mind.




By Larry G. Stambaugh / Apercu Partners, Principal

November 15, 2015




 “Keeping a Humble Heart and An Open Mind” - is the foundation upon which I have led teams at four companies.  This principle establishes a culture which capitalizes on opportunity, thrives on change and overcomes adversity. 

Modesty (a humble heart) and good listening (an open mind) are qualities that get the best out of people and facilitate harmony inside and outside of the team.  Profits and market value of the Company’s stock are the usual measures of a company’s success, however they are secondary to the people who create those results.  If you build a team on sound principle, the team will be successful, and the team will be able to seize opportunity, adapt to changing markets, and stay ahead of the competition.  Profits and market value will follow.

It is easy to become arrogant when success is achieved, or an important goal is reached.  “Keeping a humble heart” reminds us that any accomplishment we achieve is a “spit in the ocean” of what is left to do.  We can always improve upon anything we achieve.  Modesty is the key to keeping a company and its associates from being too self absorbed and losing sight of others’ ideas and contributions.  It is hard to keep an open mind when one lacks modesty.  We miss numerous good ideas, opportunities and great experiences each day, because we are mostly concerned with ourselves.  

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Larry G. Stambaugh

Apercu Partners, Principal

California, USA


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Larry G. Stambaugh | Apercu Partners, Principal

Mr. Stambaugh brings extensive experience inbuilding entrepreneurial and global companies. He has been the CEO, Chairman of the Board orDirector of several global public and privatecompanies. During his more than 40-year careerMr. Stambaugh has served as a top executiveand his visionary leader has built successfulmanagement teams around his ability to awaken the leader within his associates to have them achieve extraordinary results. His well-developed process has effectively guided the board and management to realistically access their strengths and weakness and direct the organization into new businesses and discontinue underperforming activities and business units. 


Mr. Stambaugh has raised over $500 million of capital in private and public financing and he has taken a company public in both the U.S. and Europe, He has completed several strategic partnerships with 

Fortune 100 companies.

Mr. Stambaugh has had a penchant for board activities and corporate governance practices for over three decades. He regularly speaks on the best practices and current issues in leadership and in corporate governance. He has received the “Director of the Year” recognitionan unprecedented three times for his work in corporate governance leadership and education. He has also founded and leads an annual corporate governance meeting that has become one of the top meetings in the U.S. 

Mr. Stambaugh serves on the board and executive committee of BioCom, the life science trade organization.

Mr. Stambaugh now serves as a Chairman and mentor to entrepreneurs and CEO’s bringing his 

extensive experience and elder statesman perspective to advancing companies to their goals.


For more background on his career see LinkedIn at:

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