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Measuring the Value of Design for 

Business Performance.


By Joan Gregor

Co-Founder The Design Academy, CEO Intersection-Inc.

November 15, 2015




As business conditions become increasingly more competitive, sound business decisions based on design-related metrics become even more important in determining business success. It is a challenge for design managers and companies to develop these metrics.


Measuring Design is a highly complex subject especially when considering the intangibles or “soft” metrics that affect measuring design or creativity. Through their extensive research on Metrics, The Design Academy has developed and cited some tools and methodologies to help companies navigate this process.


In a series of articles Joan Gregor, CEO, Intersection-Inc, explores:


  • What are Metrics and why are they important to business?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of measuring design?

  • How do you define the role of design and position it within your company for maximum value?

  • How can companies validate value with a Design Metrics program?


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Joan Gregor
The Design Academy, Intersection-Inc.

San Diego, California 



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Joan Gregor | Co-Founder, The Design Academy - CEO, Intersection-Inc.


Joan Gregor is co-founder and president of Intersection-Inc, a design consultancy fueling innovation through the lens of design by translating business strategy into meaningful user experiences, products and service by creating connections between companies, research, science, technology, markets, and internal teams.


As a strategist and grounded visionary, Joan deciphers the organic creative and product development processes into tangible and feasible strategies to drive growth and accelerate commercialization. With a focus on leveraging the value of design, she has consulted for such clients as GE Healthcare, CVS Pharmacy, Magna International, BMW/Designworks, NZ Better By Design, Bose, and Lifetime Brands to create exceptional and consistent user experiences, transform cultures, and empower leaders to visualize change. Her ability to stimulate intellectual and creative development through applied research in design has led to the development of business critical research and tools for design management challenges, innovation and concept filtering, customer co-creation workshops and corporate assessment programs.


As founder and partner of The Design Academy, she created The Power of Collective ThoughtTM methodolgy, a diverse network of design, research and academia to maximize innovation and minimize risk.  She believes in approaching projects with a mentoring lens to increase client’s capability and create sustainable processes. Her vision, HUMIIN™,  is to provide increased comfort, beauty and function to people through a better understanding of humans in their universal context through empathic and sustainable processes. 


As an entrepreneur, she created with her partner, a retail product line, resulting in 5 patents, including all elements of business start-up to market launch and licensing. 


Through her multinational clients and sense of adventure, she has travelled extensively contributing cultural insights and knowledge to her perspective on design thinking. She is an avid sailor and passionate about how design can make our world a better place.

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