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The Role of Human Centered Design in 

Healthcare Reform and Transformation.


By Lynn H. Shook / Shook & Co

January 22, 2016




Present Tense.


All too often our health care is taken for granted, and we assume it will always be available to serve our communities needs. The question is "How Healthy are our Healthcare Facilities to handle the diversity of services and to produce healthy outcomes for an expansive and unprecedented market of six (6) living generations – All distinctively different with a diverse set of needs and priorities?” According to Pew Research Center in 2015, 75.3 million Millennials (18-34) surpassed the number of 74.9 million Baby Boomers (51-69), and Gen X (35-50) is projected to outnumber the Boomers by 2028.


Providers of Healthcare are struggling to bring under control a complex and dynamic market in which all are dependent on healthcare. We are in a time that demands healthcare reform and transformative solutions that will define and create a promising future of healthcare in the U.S.


Partly driven by legislation, today's healthcare providers are demanding a greater emphasis on evidencebased solutions to improve operational performance and patient outcomes that deliver high marks in patient satisfaction. Initiatives that have a high-priority focus on systematically reducing total cost of care while delaying capital investments; coupled with maintaining a competitive edge to retain high-performing physicians who fill the beds at hospitals with established patients. These are but a few challenges and initiatives facing healthcare reform. It will take a multi-dimensional approach to transforming and reinventing our current healthcare industry and to renovate or rebuild our healthcare infrastructures to assure a patient-centered strategy for improving patient satisfaction – A primary goal of Human Centered Design.


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Lynn H. Shook

Shook & Co.

Pasadena, California

M: 760.549.3993


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Lynn H. Shook | Consultant


Lynn approaches each project with a fresh eye and without preconceived ideas. She starts by looking deeply into her client's desired vision and mission to formulate their “Reason For Being and Brand Promise"–the core value that drives strategy and development of the brand experience. The totality of the brand experience is what she calls "Presence" one of the most valuable assets a company can possess giving them a uniquely crafted competitive-edge unlike anyone else.


Lynn’s industry experience is diverse from Automotive to Children’s Publishing giving her a broad perspective into corporate culture, design, and innovation management. Her career started as a designer in NYC upon graduating from Art Center College of Design in California. Returning to California from NYC she founded Shook & Co specializing in corporate identity and brand licensing design standards. In time, she moved into executive management as VP Image Planning-BMW- Designworks /USA; VP Creative Development-Disney Publishing and at Disney Interactive/Educational Publishing; including VP/GM Brand Group-Enesco. Lynn currently consults and maintains strategic alliances with Intersection-Inc./The Design Academy, and Consor Intellectual Property Management, both in San Diego.


Lynn is passionate about design, the creative process, and trend research. Artist, contemplative, avid reader, a life-long student of the wisdom traditions, and teacher of advanced meditation working with individuals, groups in private and corporate settings. She also holds a deep curiosity for the Life and Physical Sciences.


Testaments are the best way of understanding what Lynn brings to her client’s table.


Lynn has successfully brought together the business and creative mindsets to develop tangible and meaningful solutions for our clients' complex challenges. For several divisions of GE, we created a 360-degree user experience bringing to life the values of their DNA. Her insightfulness and innovative approaches were key in developing a new business model, creating a consistent and quality experience, shifting culture, and creating sustainable processes. This work has led to a long-term relationship with our client.

Joan Gregor, CEO / Intersection-Inc.


Lynn has demonstrated success in driving and deploying industry firsts. One rarely has the pleasure of interacting with somebody like Lynn, with her abilities to grasp opportunities and turn them into actionable plans. While I was at Intersection, Inc. Lynn participated as a lead consultant collaborating with us on two Eastman Chemical projects. Lynn was responsible for extensive qualitative research directed toward industry conditions and trends to assist our team in identifying new product applications. She contributed a diversity of insights via a narrative lens that was an essential component of the ideation process, and that yielded a wide variety of viable short and long-term opportunities giving Eastman a larger playing field to explore and compete.

Scott Clear / Chief Design & Innovation Officer at RKS Design

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