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From DESIGN THINKING to DESIGN DOING. The Design Academy is the education caollaboratory of Intersection. Intersection-Inc is a design innovation catalyst focusing on bringing organizations value through the Business of Design. We create ROI and innovation outcomes by mitigating risk, increasing product adoption and humanizing technology through a human-centered design approach. In essence we fuse the experiential with the empirical. We seek links, parallels, abrasion points and peak experiences that will bring new insights, opportunity gaps, and breakthrough innovation beyond the current world in which we participate. The “magic” is in the filtering, integrating spirals of data and translation in to tangible real world experiences, products and services. We utilize a wide range of methodologies and modalities customized to the client / project at hand through drawing on the network of associates bringing high level processes and strategies.


While we highly value aesthetics and design, we see it as an expected criterion. What we seek on an intrinsic level is the relationship between man, machine, environment and experience. Discovery, altruism and excellence are the lens in which we look through. We not only seek to find innovation in current situations, but also have a view toward the future.

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