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Transformation by Design


By Peter Haythornthwaite

February 15, 2017




Presentation From Panelist, Peter Hawthornthwaite,

CREATING VALUE THROUGH DESIGN: Global Models of Design-Driven Economies

Moderated by Joan Gregor, Intersection-Inc




Sponsored by Design Lab UCSD 



Global Models of Design-Driven Economies In the U.S. and around the world, cities are embracing design as a strategic asset and transformation driver. A panel of experts discuss how these leading industry and government organizations have leveraged design and assessed its contribution to grow their economies and be more competitive globally. San Diego can capitalize on this knowledge and use design to enrich our communities, strengthen our businesses, and create value.


"Helping organizations be successful by leveraging the value of design to meet tangible business objectives and, shifting culture to a human centered focus is a true passion of mine, and I have been fortunate to have personally collaborated with some of the organizations you will hear about today. Designing strategies to be more competitive and responsive to consumer expectations is the hallmark of the most successful organizations and the results are in; Design is elevating brand equity, increasing the adoption curve, to improving outcomes by designing more desirable and humanistic experiences. The conversation is changing and design as a profession has moved from a nice to have to a need to have.“                                                                                                                  Joan Gregor, President, Intersection-Inc / The Design Academy

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Joan Gregor, President and CEO

San Diego, California 



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