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Bob Schwartz shares his love story with industrial design, explaining how innovation is contagious once it reaches a high level.  


As a corporate design leader and advocate, he believes "designers need to show up as business leaders in the context of their discipline, just like marketers, HR, and sales people are all business people first. We have to meet our audience where they are and speak in the language of business. That's when we will truly have a seat at the table. The not-so-dirty secret is to work in teams and across all disciplines in the company. Without business acumen to advance the cause of design, we are just the last station."


We are grateful for his trust and friendship.  Working with him over the years allowed us to develop many ideas and unique exposure to new challenges. We all live with change and, with great appreciation, we look forward to the next professional endeavors that Bob Schwartz will be involved in.

Listen to the Bob Schwartz Interview -
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